About Us

Our goal is to:

  • Stimulate awareness of wheelchair sports and promote the rights of wheelchair competitors in sports and recreation.
  • Educate individuals with disabilities through athletic competition. Provide the tools needed to become successful athletes and productive residents of their communities.
  • Focus positive attention on the abilities of athletes with disabilities.
  • Introduce wheelchair athletic competition to newly disabled individuals.
  • Fund, organize, develop, and oversee wheelchair sports clinics and WSUSA Sanctioned competitions. Fund equipment, training, registration and lodging for junior and adult wheelchair competitors.
  • Provide a link for all wheelchair sports organizations in North and South Carolina.

Board of Directors:

Kim Aquino
(843) 724-2811

Kenny Chapman
(843) 667-8732

Melinda Chappell
(843) 280-5632

Homer Cole
(843) 347-7486

Jill Monger
(843) 792-5321

Genie Wellons
(843) 571-1731

Lana Witiak
(910) 483-1321

Mike Burns
(704) 377-6525

Ronnie McFadden